Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Darling Nikki Haley

I knew a cougar named Nikki
She was a Republican queen
Saw her in the State House lobby
Talking about “transparency”
She said “Show me yours, I’ll show u mine”
And I could not resist ’cos Nikki is so fine

She took me 2 her sister’s
And I just couldn’t believe my eyes
She had so many crystals and beads
Any New Age thing you could try
She said “Sikh and ye shall find”
The lights went out
Nikki’s sister blew my mind


© 2010 Frederick Ingram
All rights reserved

The press corps started spinning
Or maybe it was my blame
I won’t tell u all she did to me
But my blog will never be the same
Our politics will kick yo behind
They’ll show you no mercy
Best hold that party line


Woke up the next morning
Nikki wasn’t there
I looked all over and I found
My cell phone on the stairs
It said “Thank u 4 a funky time”
I’ll always have Little Nikki on my mind

Oh Nikki ohhh
It’s your sick “Sic” Willie!

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  1. I wouldn't say you're a genius...I would say you're an idiot & your lyrics are pretty lame.