Thursday, November 19, 2009

Laura's original---on 3 x 5 cards

Ah, so son Dmitri didn't burn Vladimir Nabokov's last book per instructions. I think the world will forgive him. Nikolai Gogol really did burn his own last novel, and wouldn't it be great to know what it said now?

As I have been into 3 x 5 cards, I thought this from today's Washington Post was really interesting:

At the time of Nabokov's death, "The Original of Laura" also existed as a series of index cards, more than a hundred of them, in no obvious order. This Knopf edition consists of photographs of his miscellaneous handwritten cards, with a printed transcription of their text below, in a tentative order determined by Dmitri Nabokov.

The cards themselves may be detached from the book and, if desired, rearranged by the reader.

I wonder if the Levenger stationery catalog is going to see a sales spike.

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